Sunday, October 31, 2004

Instrument Lesson 6 and 7

This was a great weekend for flying. Yesterday, I went to the airshow at Jacksonville NAS. The Blue Angels were the highlight of the show. There were two ridiculous contraptions, though. The first was a biplane with both a piston engine and a jet engine. What a waste of a jet! The next was a truck with a jet engine or two. Another waste of a jet!

Today, I completed lessons 6 and 7. In this lesson, we reviewed the usual stuff including partial panel and also worked on stalls using partial panel. The events included constant rate and constant airspeed climbs and descents, constant rate turns, recovery from unusual attitudes and then partial panel stalls.

For the landing, we used the localizer to 32 and I flew it in OK, but got a little off course. Nevertheless, when I was told to go visual at about 300 feet, I was lined up with the runway and on the glideslope. Justin then told me to do a soft field landing. My approach came in at a nice, slow speed (about 65 knots) and touchdown occurred at 60 knots. I've never bounced a warrior before, and this one wasn't bad. When the main gear touched down, I maintained backpressure on the yoke to keep the nose wheel off the ground, but the plane floated. I kept the pressure on and we eventually came back down - no loss of control or go around needed.

All told, it was a good day for training and I logged an hour of dual with probably .9 in simulated instrument.

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