Friday, October 01, 2004


This post is not about flying.

Snuggles is gone. She was my Daschund that I have had since she was a puppy. She lived a long life by dog standards - 15 years 3 months. She died from cancer in her lungs. God was merciful and took her quickly.

She was always a happy dog. I named her Snuggles because of the way she would nuzzle her nose into my arms when she climbed in my lap. She was a beautiful black and tan standard Daschund - sort of looked like a Doberman with short legs.

She was smart and learned lots of tricks which she loved to perform.

As she grew older, her eyesight was hindered by cataracts, but that didn't slow her down. She still managed to maneuver by sniffing. If I walked into the room, she immediately would sit up or wake up as soon as she smelled me. Her tail would thump against anything that was in its way. She was a fierce tail-wagger!

Snuggles died yesterday. She was not feeling well for the past week and wasn't eating her dog food the way she usually did. I took her to the vet on Wednesday and he took x-rays of her chest. The x-rays showed tumors in her lungs and the doctor said she didn't have long to live.

They sent me home with a 30 day supply of blood pressure medicine, some pain pill and a diuretic. I took her to Home Depot to buy lumber to build her coffin and then to Petsmart to get some special dog food and more treats - she was still eating treats. When I got her home, I mixed up some of the special food and she ate an entire bowl.

Yesterday morning, Maureen said Snuggles wagged her tail at her when she left for work, but she didn't eat the treats that Maureen gave her. In spite of going to bed early, I overslept. When I went out to feed her, she was laying by the back door and was having trouble breathing. I picked her up and put her on her bed and tried to make her comfortable. Her tongue was bluish and her breathing rapid. I tried to get her to take a pain pill, but she wouldn't swallow. I bundled her in blankets and left her in her bed.

I thought I'd go to work and get my computer and then work from home so I could keep an eye on her. When I got in the car, I realized that I had not unloaded the lumber, so I opened the garage door to put the lumber inside. As soon as I walked in, Snuggles sat up, looked at me and then howled for a few seconds. She then laid down and moaned a little with each breath. I started to pet her and rub her to make her feel as comfortable as possible. As I stroked her fur, I prayed that God would end her suffering. Within five minutes, she was gone.

I built a beautiful coffin for her and made a metal plaque with her name on it. I buried her last night under a tree I planted this past spring.

These next few weeks will be difficult. She was a part of the family and has left a gaping hole in our lives. I am so grateful for the fifteen years I had with her. I will miss her so much.

Rest in Peace, Snuggles.

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