Monday, December 04, 2006

RADAR for PDAs, Blackberries and Smartphones

When I was preparing to fly home from North Palm Beach after Thanksgiving, I thought it really would have been nice to have one last glance at the radar before hopping in the plane. Wouldn't it be nice to have been able to view current radar images on my Blackberry's display?!

When I got home, I created a website that is designed to provide a menu on the blackberry's browser that will provide quick connections to the latest National Weather Service radar and satellite images.

Currently, there are three menu items in a table - the first two provide links in order of the ICAO radar station name for long range base reflectivity and the long range base reflectivity loop. The third link provides a listing by State and City of all of the ICAO radar stations and will connect the user to the current long range base reflectivity snapshot.

I'll be adding the visible, infrared and watervapor satellite images soon. I will probably rewrite the page in cHTML (compact-html) so that it will work on most handheld browsers. This means that I cannot use any jpegs or tables.

In the event that anyone sees this post and actually tries my radar site, I would really like feedback. There is no charge for the website other than what your cell provider charges for the connection.

I hope folks find this site useful. I think I'll add a METARs and TAF site soon.

David West

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  1. Anonymous1:30 PM EDT

    Just found your site, works great on my blackberry! Thanks!